How I work

Step 1 — Discover

At the beginning of the design process stands the essence. Together we find out about the reason why and the core values of your projects. We are looking for it in form of a story or an unique proposition.

Step 2 — Define

In the second step the process starts to flow. The conversation gets deeper and we define together a plan and communication strategies. I don’t believe, that there is only a right way but in individuality and tailor-made solutions.

Step 3 — Design

Design makes the ideas visible. I strive for a holistic design approach. It should appeal emotional to your audience, make your communication understandable and structured. Only if it resonates with human needs and senses it has the chance to become accepted and succesful.

About me

I am a designer and art-director with more than ten years of experience in designing complex communication. For nine years I have been working in an agency specializing in B2B, corporate communication and digital web projects.

I believe that very good results come from trust and long-term relationships in which you deal intensively with people and topics. Most of the projects showcased on this website were realized as a teamplayer during the last ten years. Guided by strategy and driven by design, I see the potential of communication that makes the difference.

Good design touches, is authentic and at the same time it is so simple that it ultimately resonates with people and their environment. That’s why it is so complicated. Are you ready to take this challenge together? Let’s go for it!